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News of: October 20, 2018
21:25 Russian Aerospace Forces complete maneuvers involving S-300, S-400 systems at Ashuluk range in Astrakhan region
19:06 Russian military offers UNHCR to cooperate in Syria
18:18 Donetsk prepares 19 Ukrainian prisoners convicted before Donbas conflict for handover to Kyiv
17:14 Zakharova comments on UK ambassador's statement, calls on London to tell truth about Salisbury
16:34 Clear Sky drills end in Ukraine
15:26 Six killed in Ukrainian attacks in DPR over week - Donetsk
14:02 Matviyenko confirms Bochkaryov's release from custody in Norway (Part 2)
13:39 ASEM leaders support JCPOA, believe its functionality needs to be confirmed - source in Russian delegation
13:19 Putin to meet with Italian PM in Moscow on Oct 24
13:11 Zolotov promises to respond to Navalny's TV debate offer later

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