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News of: February 22, 2017
20:20 Armenian foreign minister welcomes Karabakh referendum monitored by observers from 30 countries
19:49 Ten truce breaches recorded in Syria in past 24 hrs - Russian military (Part 2)
19:13 Gryzlov blames Kyiv for collapse of heavy weapons withdrawal in Donbas
18:58 Turkey could facilitate NATO to join formation of real coalition to counter terrorism - Shoigu
18:40 Color revolutions likely to expand geographically - Shoigu (Part 3)
18:28 LPR accuses Ukrainian military of placing artillery, Grad rocket multiple launchers near contact line in Donbas
18:06 Ukrainian prosecutor general promises to investigate some Rada deputies' collaboration with Russian intelligence services
17:42 Russian defense minister advises UK not to tell Russia what to do in Libya (Part 2)
17:25 Russia's envoy to UN Churkin solved set tasks brilliantly, knew no defeat, was professional of highest level - Putin
16:51 U.S. ABM system in Europe brought to initial operational readiness level, but Russia ready to establish dialogue with NATO - Shoigu (Part 2)

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